Let’s start with a Q&A. Knock, knock?


Yes. And I’m asking the questions. 


Well … knock, knock?

[Sigh] Fine. Who’s there?

I’M ASKING THE QUESTIONS. So what’s with the stupid name? Blueprint 37. Are you an architect or something?

No, I’m actually a journalist. I’ve worked in the media for a long time, as a reporter, editor and currently news director of an emerging online media news source, Castanet.

[Snore] Sorry, I dozed off at “journalist.” But, please, tell me more?

Well… you asked “what’s with the stupid name?” A blueprint documents a design; it’s the plan that helps guide the process. At 37, I had some ideas about what I wanted to be better at, or drop altogether.

[More snoring]

A few ideas I’ve had so far:

  • lifelong learning
  • more generous
  • live greener
  • paths less travelled
  • embrace risk and say yes
  • chase dreams
  • fitness and nutrition
  • minimalist prepper

[Snort, cough] … I’m awake, what’d I miss?!

I hate you italic text.

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