I always seem to have a number of projects and clients on the go.

Here’s a sample…

I’m working on my first non-fiction book, called The Media Playbook. It’s a survival guide for working with the media in today’s swiftly changing information landscape. It includes a 72-hour crisis communication handbook. It’s also packed with plays to get media coverage.

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I was invited to speak at the 2017 Okanagan Valley Writers’ Festival in Penticton alongside some amazing contributors to the Canadian publishing industry.

So many seasoned and aspiring writers brought their questions to my hour-long Q&A about how to establish credibility and influence through the media.



I just finished a year as news director at Castanet, the Okanagan’s leading online news source.

I couldn’t resist getting back into the news business. Ink seems to flow in my veins.

It was a great experience learning the ins and outs of ever emerging digital media. My main task was writing catchy headlines and shaping the daily news agenda. I’d been dubbed “king of engagement” and had a gold medal in awful puns.


Still, the call of the entrepreneur proved to hard to resist, and I resigned in April to pursue my own business.

But first I took some time to get established again. Luckily there was an election on…


Everyone knows I’m a sucker for elections. This provincial election I was wooed back into politics as a strategist.

The BC Green Party is the one I most identify with. They are fiscally conservative, encourage investment in small businesses, are conscious of the environment, and are all around good folks.

I’ve been doing volunteer work making videos like this one:

As a lead on the media team, I also write news releases that have resulted in numerous stories. I helped plan events, such as Green Party leader Andrew Weaver’s visit to the Okanagan.


I’m also in the midst of creating a site that can act as a guide for hikers in the Okanagan.

It will be loaded with video and photos.